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What are the advantages and benefits of Body Sugaring Hair Removal?

• Sugar paste contains no chemicals, resins or preservatives; it is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Diabetics, those with eczema, spider or varicose veins and those prone to breakouts and ingrown hairs after waxing, will benefit from Body Sugaring.

• Body Sugaring is sanitary. Sugar is naturally anti-bacterial and contains healing properties. Bacteria does not breed or thrive in sugar.

• Sugar paste is applied at room temperature so there is never a risk in burning the skin. With this being said, with a skilled and experienced wax technician, you should never be burned with wax either!

• Body sugaring is water soluble meaning you can easily clean any residue with plain water unlike regular wax. You will never have a left over sticky or tacky residue.

• Over time, frequent sugaring during the beginning stage of hair growth (Anagen the follicle wall will begin to weaken. This causes hair to grow back thinner and finer. Eventually the follicle wall will collapse and will stop producing a hair.

• The paste is very gentle and can be put right over an area that was just sugared but missed some hairs, without fear of much irritation.

Sugaring does not attach to live skin cells. Sugaring will only take away dead skin cells. If your skin is not already over-exfoliated (using glycolic, Retin A or peels) you do not have to worry about the sugar accidentally removing skin.

Sarah's Body Sugaring Price List:

Eyebrows or Lip or Chin - $10.00

Full Facial Sugaring - $20.00

Chest - $30.00 - $60.00 (Starting at $30.00)

Back - $30.00 - $60.00 (Starting at $30.00)

Underarms - $15.00

1/2 Leg – Upper- $27.00

Lower- $25.00

Full Leg - $50.00

Bikini - $20.00

Bikini Plus (French) - $25.00

Brazilian/L.A. - $30.00

1/2 Arm - $15.00

Full Arm - $30.00

Hungarian Mud Puddle Facial - $45.00

Mud Puddle is an all-natural Hungarian mud, rich in essential minerals and collagen.

This multi-purpose rejuvenating treatment helps with ingrown hair problems, treats facial blemishes, anti-inflammatory and improves skin texture.

Thermal Properties: therapeutic mud has long heat retention.

60% Silicon Dioxide: Building block of collagen from skin to bone helps hold collagen tissue together.

Deeply penetrates tissues: clears stored toxins.

 Based on Condition of skin/hair an additional charge of minimum $5.00 will apply.

 You must read Do’s and Don’ts before booking an appointment or for optimal results.

Do’s & Don’ts:

Do cancel or re-schedule at least 24 hours before your appointment to allow us to accommodate those on the waiting list.

Do exfoliate on a daily basis. Using a salt scrub is nice, but to be more cost effective and reducing the chance of oil-clogged pores, try a simple exfoliating glove or natural loofah sponge, dry alone or wet with shower gel. For more advanced exfoliating treatment for in-growns (depending on the type) I can recommend accordingly for your skin type during your appointment.

Do keep the area away from constant friction. This may create some irritation and result in ingrown hairs.

Do use lubricant for sessions immediately after treatment to prevent further irritation. The area may be slightly inflamed for 2-24 hours afterwards, so skin on skin friction is best when postponed for the day. If necessary, lubricant provides a barrier and extra sensitivity is made more comfortable.

Do drink plenty of water. Urine can cause discomfort to open follicles and is best if diluted, especially if you are sensitive.

Do shower immediately after exercise to keep follicles clear and bacteria free.

Do apply a cold compress to the area if you find your skin is heat sensitive after treatment. Circulation is increased when sugaring due to your body’s natural response to heal itself. Cooling will help to constrict blood vessels and relieve discomfort.

Do book your appointments 3-6 weeks apart. The hair grows in multiple cycles so in order to get ideal results we need to weaken each stage by removing new growth as it comes through. With consistent appointments, each cycle will stay in its softest stage. If you wait longer than 3-6 month the hair grows strong and bulbous again.

Do take an anti-histamine an hour before treatment if you generally have very sensitive skin.

Don’t cancel if you are scheduled for a bikini/LA/Brazilian on or near your menstrual cycle. A tampon can be worn during the process. If you’re comfortable being waxed at this time, so am I. Please be aware that you are more sensitive during and around the time of your cycle. If need-be we can re-schedule.

Don’t pick at ingrown hairs. The bacteria found in an infected follicle combined with inflammation weakens and the pore lining. If you squeeze these in-growns it could cause for greater inflammation, infect surrounding pores, and slow the healing process. When you book your appointment, mention ingrown concerns to allow more time for extractions.

Don’t do excessive activity immediately after appointment (hot yoga, bike rides, hot tubs, etc Uric acid and salt in your perspiration could be mildly irritating to the area and friction could cause an uncomfortable effect on a tender area; maybe resulting in prolonged redness and breakout.

Don’t apply lotions, gels or creams same day to the area treated. There may be increased sensitivity and irritation due to the follicles being compromised. Especially avoid fragranced or alcohol based products.

Don’t sunbathe 24 hours before or after treatment (exposing treated area This may dehydrate the skin prior to treatment and cause skin to lift. After treatment, with increased circulation, sun exposure may increase heat sensitivity and cause discomfort.

Don’t shave between treatments. The goal of consistent hair removal is to remove the root of the hair so it grows back new making it softer, finer, and fewer in number. Shaving will upset appointment times allowing the root to grow strong and making waxing more painful.

Don’t book an appointment to be sugared if you are currently taking accutane.