17 Year old Seeking employment. Has restaurant experience!

City: St. Catharines - Niagara
Last visit: 2014-01-20
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Posted: 2014-01-20


Please contact by E-mail, or phone for more information.

Highlights and Qualifications

• Punctual Honest Reliable,

• Cleanly

• Fast Paced Worker

• Fast Learner

• Good Social Skills

• Great Memory

Work History

Lina Linguinis - 2013 Pantry Chef

• Prepared Salads

• Prepared and Cooked Pizzas

• Prepped Bread, Bruschetta Mix, Meats etc.

• Weighed bagged and cut Meat

• Prepared Garlic Bread/ Bruschetta

• Refilled and Flipped salad bins, bread bins and Inserts

• Cleaned Pantry (Washed floors, Counters, Pantry Fridge, etc

• Prepared and Cooked Quesadillas and Calzones

Antipastos Di Roma – Dish Washer 2013

• Cleaned and Sterilized dishes

• Cleaned and Sterilized work area (Counters, bins etc

• Cleaned and Sterilized Dishwasher

• Memorized Places for all dishes

• Helped kitchen with Prep

• Took garbage out

Antipastos Di Roma – Cafeteria 2013

• Filled and Flipped Insterts

• Washed dishes

• Used Cash Register

• Cleaned Cafeteria (Washed Tables, Cleaned floors, etc

• Cooked Bacon, chicken etc.

• Served food

• Took garbage out

Youth For Christ - Motivational Speaker 2012-2013

• Spoke in front of hundreds of people on behalf of YFC

• Helped in getting many Sponsors

• Met and talked to many new people

• Helped people realize their potential

Eagle Solutions - Door to Door sales person 2013

• Went door to door Persuading people to Sign up for a contest

• Walked for hours

• Met and talks to many new people

• Learned great social skills

Kids help Canada - Chocolate Bar Sales Person 2011

• Persuaded people to buy Chocolate bars

• Held responsibility for Profit and Product

Private Employer - Baby Sitter 2011 & 2013-2014

• Prepared meals

• Prepared Snacks

• Set up games and Activities

• Maintained household

• Kept kids on regular Routine

Private Employer - House Keeper 2012

• Scrubbed Floors

• Washed Counters, Walls, Appliances, etc.

• Did Laundry and Prepared Meals

• Scrubbed entire Bathroom

Out of the Cold – Server 2011

• Served Food

• Catered to those who could not grab food for themselves

• Helped put food out

• Helped clean up

Avondale Stores – Volounteer 2008-2010

• Stocked shelves

• Did Magazine orders and Grocery Orders

• Stocked Freezer

• Took Garbage out

• Helped clean, (Swept, Mopped, etc


Elementary School - Power Glen Public School

Secondary School - West Park Secondary School


• Numerous Tournament Awards (Karate)

• Schools Best Artist Award (2011)

• Soccer Awards


Available upon Request